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Dos and Don'ts for Virtual Interviews

In today's digital age, virtual interviews have become a staple of the hiring process. Whether you're a seasoned interviewer or new to the virtual landscape, there are some key dos and don'ts to keep in mind for a successful experience. Let's dive in:


1. Test Your Technology

Before the interview, ensure your video conferencing software works smoothly. Check your camera, microphone, and internet connection to prevent any technical glitches.

2. Choose a Quiet Location

Find a quiet and well-lit space for the interview. This minimizes distractions and allows the candidate to focus on your conversation.

3. Send Clear Instructions

Provide the candidate with clear instructions on how to join the virtual interview. Include the platform, date, time, and any additional materials they might need.

4. Dress Professionally

Just like an in-person interview, dress professionally to make a positive impression. Choose attire that aligns with your company culture and the role you're hiring for.

5. Start With Small Talk

Begin the interview with a friendly and casual conversation to put the candidate at ease. This can help build rapport and create a comfortable environment.


1. Don't Multitask

Avoid checking emails or working on other tasks during the interview. Give the candidate your full attention to show respect and engagement.

2. Don't Overwhelm with Tech

While technology is essential, avoid overwhelming the candidate with complicated tools or platforms. Choose user-friendly options that make the process smoother.

3. Don't Rush

Virtual interviews can sometimes feel rushed due to the absence of in-person cues. Take your time to explain questions clearly and give the candidate ample opportunity to respond.

4. Don't Forget Non-Verbal Cues

Just like in-person interviews, non-verbal cues matter. Maintain eye contact, nod, and smile to show that you're actively listening.

5. Don't Neglect Follow-Up

Follow up with candidates promptly after the interview. Provide feedback and communicate the next steps to keep them engaged and informed.

Virtual interviews may be a different ballgame, but with these dos and don'ts, you can ace the process and find the perfect candidate for your team.

Turbo Hires Can Help:

At Turbo Hires, we understand the nuances of virtual interviews and their importance in the recruitment process. Our platform connects you with experienced recruiters who effectively conduct virtual interviews. They are equipped with the latest tools and strategies to ensure a seamless experience for both you and the candidate. Join Turbo Hires today and take your virtual interviews to the next level!

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